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    Health & GPS
    Tracking Watch
    Hearth Rate + Blood Pressure Test + Health Report
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    Locate and Track
    For elderly people, workers, travelers or patients and childs.
    Master their health data and locate them anytime
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    Giving help.
    Effectively. Anytime.
    In case of SOS alert the watch starts an automatic call towards the pre-set person. Relatives are notified as well.

geoWatch is a smart health bracelet,
mainly used for personal positioning.

With our App you can locate and manage the device, see the health data of the user by day/week/month/year


SOS alert with the push of a button.

Multi-channel alerts

We use a multi-channel notification system, with simultaneous alerts to bring help as soon as possible: push notifications, SMS, Whatsapp, email.

Call device

Full duplex GSM voice call from any phone.

Health monitor

Precise heart rate and blood pressure monitor. Pedometer tracking, essential for health-care monitoring

Power saving

Rechargeable battery of up to 5 days standby time.

Safe zones

GEO-fencing based on GPS position.

History alerts

Get a list of the last alerts about geofence in and out, battery status, and other GPS alerts.


Advanced GPS/AGPS + WiFi + LBS + G-Sensor positioning with strong signal.

Discover our app to track your loved ones’ location and health in real time: fast, accurate and reliable.

Get our FREE app to take control of the geoWatch

available for any device like, iOS and Android, smartphone, tablet, PC and smartwatch

With smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs

Live-track your loved ones wherever they go.

Safe places

Set up “virtual fences” around specific zones to control whenever they enter and/or exit them.


Receive a notification whenever they enter and/or exit any safe place.

Call geoWatch

Call the geoWatch's user from within the App and talk with them.

Track health

Track the activity mode with details how much is the pressure and the heart rate per day.

Track more people

You can track any number of persons, no limit.

Connect more people

The more the better! Care about your family and friends and make multiple groups take care of each other! Add as many parents and friends you want, father and mother, grandparents and overseers.

Additional features

Using our Apps and geoWatch's internal sensors you can monitor any feature, like pedometer, heart rate and blood pressure.

geoWatch: peace of mind in security.

By installing the geoWatch app on their mobile phones, your loved ones can monitor you from a distance. They can even start a blood pressure scan from the application.

2 colors available

geoWatch comes in 2 different colors.

  • Black
  • White

2 models available

geoWatch comes in 2 different models.

  • With 0.95 inch OLED screen
  • With SOS alert and Call buttons only

Protect your loved ones

Forget about unbeareble fear and anxiety when you do not know where your loved ones are! geoWatch will locate them in seconds with precise accuracy almost anywhere in the world with our app.

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Easy to use

geoWatch and App have been designed to be easy to use for anyone and everywhere.

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Live tracking

Always know where your loved ones are.
Live tracking allows you to know the exact location of your loved ones whenever and wherever.

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A safe companion for your Loved Ones, always!

Many times, the lives of our loved ones depend on how quickly they get help.
With the geoWatch you can get constant monitoring service and can ask for help just with the push of a button.

Thanks to the geoWatch App you can live-track your loved ones wherever they go, on a map.

They remain always safely and under your protection.

Great personal safety and security app! Doug Makishima, 008/28/2019

Create alerts of different types and broadcast them to a list of predefined friends.

Charming app mylovecare, 06/23/2019

App has a clean interface and is well designed. I love that it helps us keep track of everything about my grandma.

Great watch! givemesometime, 03/31/2019

It works great! I tried several GPS family tracking devices and found this one worked great. Very pleased with the app.

Buy now and start tracking and monitoring your loved ones in less than 5 minutes!

We truly care about your loved ones.